Nutritional Analysis


Thanks for visiting Spring Mill. Many of you stop by simply to enjoy our delicious baked goods. However, a growing number of our customers are also interested in achieving a healthy lifestyle. Certainly, a starting point to achieving this goal is good nutrition. And Spring Mill whole grain breads can assist you in improving your diet!

At Spring Mill we …

  • Bake from scratch daily using only all-natural ingredients;
  • Mill our own whole-wheat flour from organic or certified chemical free wheat berries;
  • Add no preservatives (or any junk!) to any of our products (you don’t need an advanced degree in chemistry to determine what your bread contains!);
  • Use Unbleached & Unbromated white flour;
  • Sweeten most breads with 100 percent honey;
  • Use no high fructose corn syrup in the bakery;
  • Add no dairy products or oils to our 100 percent whole-grain breads.

Did you know our breads are …

  • Are an excellent source of Whole Grain and Dietary Fiber ;
  • Are naturally low in fat (or fat free);
  • Contain no Cholesterol or Trans Fat;
  • Are rich in bran, fiber, vitamins, proteins, minerals and complex carbohydrates;
  • And perhaps most important: naturally delicious.

All of this adds up to one simple fact: you can feel good about eating Spring Mill breads. In fact,eating our whole grain breads can benefit you directly by lowering your risk of obesity and also lowering your cholesterol levels. Additionally, people who eat three daily servings of whole grains (our serving size of bread for analysis is 1.5 oz slice) have been shown to reduce significantly their risk of heart disease, diabetes, as well as certain cancers.


These breads may contain our freshly-milled whole wheat flour, Rye flour and Unbleached, Unbromated White Flour.
Serving Size 1 1/2 oz.