Spring Mill Bread Company


In a nutshell, we are BREAD LOVERS. Since the day it opened in 1993, Spring Mill Bread Co. has been baking all-natural whole grain breads in small hand-made batches from scratch. We started the bakery because we wanted to share our love for baking delicious 100 percent whole grain breads using traditional recipes and wholesome ingredients. We believe great “homemade” bread can come from our bakery as well as your kitchen!

Spring Mill recognized from day one that you get more health benefits from whole wheat flour than from refined flour. Whole grain flour contains all three parts of the grain seed, bran, germ, and endosperm, all in their natural proportions. Spring Mill also recognized that commercial milling processes often destroy, because of heat, the nutritional value of even whole grain flour.

To combat this situation, Spring Mill decided to be not only a bakery but also a miller. By stone milling our own flour, we control the process to ensure that the heat gain doesn’t destroy the protein, vitamins or baking quality.

Not surprisingly, this process also preserves the delicious flavor of the grain. We are sometimes amazed by the number of customers who rave about the flavor of our whole-grain breads, and the fact that you can actually taste the “nutty” flavor of the wheat! For many of our new customers, being able to taste the wheat through the flour is a first time experience.

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